September 28, 2023

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Why the Legislation Is an Ass?

Do you know there is a saying referred to as “the Law is an ass”? It is derived from an English proverb which likens the law’s stubbornness and stupidity to the supposed innate character of a donkey. Charles Dickens popularised it in his novel “Oliver Twist” wherever Mr. Bumble is informed in a court docket with regards to his domineering wife that “… the law supposes that your wife acts underneath your direction”, replies:
“If the regulation supposes that,” claimed Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both of those palms, “the legislation is an ass – an fool”.

In my thoughts, the legislation will become an ass simply because the judges, lawyers, and the authorized occupation do not adhere to the spirit of the law. They are only concerned with the letter of the legislation.

Our politicians are very very good at generating new laws all the time since it provides them the visual appeal of acting constructive and attempting to clear up a trouble. In carrying out so, they do not let for the point that when the legal professionals and judges use the legislation, only the letter of the law is adopted and never ever the spirit. It potential customers to contradiction in many cases where by all the moral and moral things to consider are dropped. As a result the law gets to be an ass.

We see this in action in every single bureaucratic establishment all over the place and at all amounts of federal government. It indicates that people functioning in that situation are not allowed to use their popular sense or rationale with their brains. These individuals are currently being conditioned to consider in a individual way and properly trained to stick to the letter of the legislation. Do you realise that when just one is operating underneath these disorders except one particular is conscious of it, just one unwittingly gets a zombie?

In the the latest scenario of Isreal Folau and Rugby Australia, a ethical and moral problem has arisen because both sides have claimed their correctness according to the letter of the law.

Israel Folau claims that he has been discriminated against and unfairly sacked by Rugby Australia due to the fact of his spiritual beliefs.

Considering that Rugby Australia is a bureaucratic organisation which can only consider in terms of the letter of the regulation, they had to locate Folau in breach of agreement to sack him. There was no other option since they followed the letter of the legislation.

To employ the legislation, Rugby Australia did what most bureaucratic organisations do, exhibit their authority and use bullying strategies. They warned Folau and threatened him with dismissal so that he may bow to their requires. Less than those situations, how would you really feel if you were being in Folau’s situation? Would you not dig in your heels?

Consequently we have an case in point where by the letter of the regulation is used, devoid of any ethical and moral consideration to an person who experienced not fully commited any crime, to make him post to their demands.

Just lately in the Brisbane Courier-Mail of 7 Could 2019, there was a report titled “Songs legend felt ‘violated'” printed. Diana Ross “was near to tears as a protection officer felt between her legs throughout an airport pat-down”. “I was addressed like s..t”. “Tends to make me want to cry.” “It is really not what was carried out, but how,” she insisted. “On the other hand, a TSA spokesman explained that CCTV footage appeared to clearly show the officers included ‘correctly’ adopted all protocols”.

Here again, was an case in point of how bureaucratic dealing with of a predicament can outcome in traumatising an unique. And of course, the bureaucracy often goes scotfree due to the fact they often act inside the letter of the regulation. Underneath the security of the regulation, an normal man or woman subconsciously or consciously tends to sense additional strong and superior therefore, there is a chance of authority currently being abused.

That’s why when we apply a law without the need of the spirit at the rear of its formulation, it gets a coronary heart with no the soul. I hope this scenario between Folau and Rugby Australia does not settle out of court docket. I want the wise judges in our Regulation Courts to show to all of us that the regulation is not an ass.