September 28, 2023

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My Marriage Over – What to Do After the Divorce

Is my marriage finally over? What do I Do? Do I just give up or do I try to move on? Congratulations on your new found freedom. You have finally gone out of a dreadful marriage. The divorce papers that you just signed were probably one of the best decisions you made so far. You don’t deserve to suffer a life with your ex-husband. You deserve something better. You deserve a life that is worth living.

Perhaps you are scared right now because you don’t know what to do with your life. You are probably still dumbfounded. You probably don’t know where to start. It is a normal feeling so try not to worry. You may have not expected the after effects of a divorce. To start with, you need to get your life on the right track. Here is what to do after a divorce.

Tip #1: Financially secure yourself

You no longer have financial support from your husband. You have probably lost some of your savings from the deposit of your new place, divorce papers and your lawyer. What you need to do now is to get a job if you don’t have one. If you were a stay at home mom, it is sure that you don’t have any work experience listed. The closest thing you can do to be able to make money is to become an entrepreneur. You can do so many with so little cash. You can have an online business. You can enter the buy and sell world. Anything is possible.

Tip #2: Raise your kids well

Because you had a divorce, expect that your kids are going to act different. They have a broken family so it is hard for them to grow up normally. As much as possible, always be there for your kids. You need to attend their soccer practice, ballet classes and school plays. You need to show them that you love them so much. You need to make them feel secure. You need to let them feel that they still have someone to take care of them.

Tip #3: Have a social life

You have a new found freedom. It means you can socialize with other people. Dating other people can be an option too. You have to let your kids know first that you are up for dating. You can now do things that you are not able to do when you were still with your husbands. Your husband used to tell you not to go to your friends’ parties. Well, now you can.

Tip #4: Stay friends with your husband

You don’t have to burn bridges. You don’t have to shut your ex-husband completely out of your life. You need to stay friends with him for your kids. You need to be kind to him. You were friends before you got married, there’s no reason why you can’t be friends now. You don’t have to bring back the love. You can be civil to one another if you still feel angry every time you see him. Remember, just do it for the kids.