September 28, 2023

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Indian Labour Regulations – Aspect 2 – Termination of Staff For Misconduct

This is my next posting in the sequence of work and termination of personnel by Indian businesses. My earlier write-up dealt with the issue as to regardless of whether a software program development and IT enabled organization qualify as an ‘industrial establishment’ within just the which means of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1957, (“IDA”) and can such a corporation follow the ‘hire and fire’ policy for termination of services necessitated for good reasons other than misconduct of staff without the need of compliance of the IDA. The existing post specials with a situation exactly where the termination of solutions is necessitated due to misconduct of an worker and the procedural compliances expected beneath Indian labour legal guidelines.

For the objective of clarity enable us acquire a hypothetical predicament in which the companies of an employee say one particular Mr. Shyam Nagpal have been terminated by an IT enterprise with immediate impact for misconduct and the Corporation now would like to have an understanding of the authorized effects of these types of termination.

Mr. Nagpal was engaged in program improvement and was officiating as a “Team Leader”. As a Group Leader, Mr. Nagpal was dependable for monitoring and regulating the get the job done of two to 3 associates in his team in addition to provision of software package enhancement solutions. Mr. Nagpal’s general performance for the initial just one calendar year of assistance was higher than normal but his performance deteriorated thereafter and he frequently claimed late for work. Considering Mr. Nagpal’s lack-luster functionality and because of to company’s decision to downsize its do the job pressure, Mr. Nagpal’s providers have been terminated with rapid outcome with 1 month income in lieu thereof. The Firm soon realized that it has failed to undertake suitable measures to dispense of Mr. Nagpal’s expert services and is evaluating its implication and publicity below regulation.


The validity of Mr. Nagpal’s termination and outcomes thereof less than Indian rules would be mostly determined by the essential issue regardless of whether Mr. Nagpal was a ‘workman’ within the definition of IDA.

An staff is termed as a workman if he is utilized to do any handbook, unskilled, competent, technical, operational, clerical or supervisory operate for employ the service of or reward. A particular person who is employed largely in a managerial or administrative capacity, or who remaining utilized in a supervisory potential attracts wages exceeding Rs. 1600/- for every thirty day period or workouts features primarily of a managerial nature is excluded from the definition of a workmen. Supervisor signifies an unique possessing authority, in the curiosity of the employer, to seek the services of, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, advertise, discharge, assign, reward or self-control other personnel or duty to direct them or to adjust their grievances or successfully to endorse such action and in doing exercises this sort of authority he utilizes of impartial judgment. In nutshell, a supervisor is one owning authority around other folks, to superintend and direct.

Indian Labour Tribunals and Civil Courts have deemed the genuine and predominant responsibilities discharged by an worker and remuneration received by these types of an personnel as the basis to establish classification underneath “workman” or “non-workman” classification and held that mere managerial or administrative designations are not conclusive of the standing of any personnel as “non-workman”.

The Supreme Courtroom of India has regularly held that it is the principal duties currently being executed by an employee which are to be regarded as for the reasons of determining the real position of the worker particularly, regardless of whether this kind of an personnel has been discharging administrative, managerial or supervisory operate. An employee may well at moments be required to complete managerial, supervisory or administrative perform, but this kind of occasional general performance by itself does not decide the real standing of the staff and it is the principal or major duty done by the staff that establishes the employee’s true status and no matter whether or not the involved employee is a workman underneath the IDA.

Consequently, whether Mr. Nagpal, who presumably was not doing exercises managerial or administrative perform, was employed in a supervisory capability as a Team Chief or for technical/computer software enhancement function, would count on no matter whether the primary and principal obligations carried out by him were being:

(a) people of a supervisory character i.e., he experienced powers to give directions to the many others as to the genuine way in which they have been to complete and have out their obligations and scrutinize the perform performed by other people in purchase to guarantee that it was becoming done correctly, or
(b) of a character carried out by a software program developer.

If Mr. Nagpal was largely executing supervisory perform, but incidentally or for a fraction of the time, also did some software advancement operate, then he was utilized in supervisory potential and would not be a workman beneath the IDA. Conversely, if the primary function done was of computer software advancement, the mere truth that some supervisory responsibilities ended up also carried out incidentally or as a tiny fraction of the perform performed by Mr. Nagpal will not change his employment as a competent workman into a person in supervisory ability.

Contemplating the nature of get the job done carried out by Mr. Nagpal was mainly of a software package advancement and not supervisory, Mr. Nagpal would be categorised as “workman” in terms of IDA.

In conditions of IDA, an worker in workman group who has been in continuous provider for at least one calendar year are unable to be terminated at will of the employer except the personnel is dismissed by way of disciplinary motion or as a consequence of non-renewal of agreement of work, or terminated on floor of ongoing sick well being, and many others. Termination for any other purpose in anyway which include termination of provider on floor of reduction in quantity of company amounts to retrenchment and the IDA prescribes thorough procedure for retrenchment of a workman like compliance with previous to come 1st to go rule, see, payment of approved payment, i.e., 15 times typical pay out for just about every done year of constant assistance, filings/prior approvals from the governing administration, if demanded, and so forth.

For termination of companies on disciplinary grounds, the treatment for dismissal of an personnel (who is labeled as “workman” under IDA) on account of misconduct and/or indiscipline (which need to be ordinarily included into the Worker Handbook of a company) would have to have to be in conditions of broad rules of normal justice, the IDA and rules advanced from various court docket choices as follows:

(i) problem a charge sheet
(ii) maintain a domestic enquiry
(iii) peruse the report of the enquiry officer
(iv) difficulty clearly show result in observe to the employee and
(v) difficulty buy of punishment.

In look at of the foregoing, termination of Mr. Nagpal’s providers for misconduct devoid of next the principles of normal justice viz. sending detect, enquiry, offering opportunity of protection to the staff could be open to challenge. Contravention of the provisions of the IDA renders the company’s directors, manager, secretary, agent or other officer concerned with administration liable for the prosecution and penalties if it is proved that the offence(s) was committed with know-how or consent and would entitle the terminated staff to increase dispute in advance of the labour court docket and seek out reinstatement of expert services with back again wages.


To limit the publicity arising from termination of Mr. Nagpal’s companies for misconduct with no next the technique approved beneath IDA, it is a good idea for the corporation to undertake the pursuing:

(i) The Business need to promptly apparent and pay out all pending dues of Mr. Nagpal together with gratuity as for every the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, if relevant, at the earliest.
(ii) The Business should keep enough supporting evidence to present Mr. Nagpal’s bad general performance at operate. The Company’s notices/reminders to Mr. Nagpal to enhance his function and productiveness must also be portion of this paperwork.

To minimize staff connected disputes and grievance, it is highly recommended to be guided by the rules and tips stated in the Personnel Hand Ebook and working out because of precaution and adherence to the termination relevant course of action prior to discharge of employees for misconduct.