September 28, 2023

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Cyber Caliphate Association?

Just chanced on this fascinating examine off CNN.

Appears like the war on terror that the 43rd President of the United States waged has spiraled into a different sphere of war.

From the regular indicates of combating wars on the entrance, we have now transitioned into cyber warfare.

And it are not able to mean also excellent for us.

Equally with the reporters devoid of borders, where the liberty of the press will not stop at a country’s jurisdiction, us, typical citizens are being embroiled into a war that we do not want, the place crime does not identify the limitations of the bodily earth.

If we dissect it merely, terrorists or self proclaimed jihadists are combating for a bring about. To struggle for the name of Islam. But these terrorists have the faintest plan that their ideology is perverted by their preachers or whoever that they proclaimed their clerics to be.

The job of preventing these crime that was generally regarded to use firearms and brutal power, have been often checked by our criminal offense combating organizations.

These terrorist organizations have developed savvy around the decade… and comes alongside the C.C.A– or the Cyber Caliphate Association.

These breed of criminals are different, they have interaction their warfare in a various manner where by no firearms, or brutal force is necessary. They comprise of people today who are proficient and possess competencies which no common terrorist has.

What scares me most is how secure Singapore would be from these kinds of assaults? Our economy survives on infrastructures which are mainly digitized and on platforms which are stored and locked away in the cyber world, and like just any doors, they can be unlocked if the perpetrator is qualified adequate.

Live scenario situation

How do we insure ourselves from these assaults? No question the Singapore governing administration is normally assuring us that our cyber security is equipped with the very best defenses. There has been circumstances where by funds had been missing, unauthorized withdrawals made. And considering that then, there has been extremely couple circumstances claimed the place funds ended up stolen.

My issue is, if it was this effortless to steal income, what about private info? What about the protection of our assets, social protection passwords and so on?

Defend you from unauthorized utilization of your personal information by registering your call aspects through the PDPA site. This is the the very least we can do to shield ourselves from the prying hands of cyber-terrorists like the CCA.

The greatest danger is not to do just about anything.