September 29, 2023

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50/50 Custody Schedules: Alternating Months As opposed To A 2-2-3

There are lots of diverse custody and visitation schedules offered and my goal is to support you study all you can about your possibilities. The alternating weeks and 2-2-3 schedules are alternatives which slide underneath 50/50 joint actual physical custody. Equally of these schedules have their professionals and negatives. The most important factor for you to take into account when deciding upon a schedule is selecting the greatest one particular for you, the other dad or mum, and specially your youngster.

Prerequisites for 50/50 joint bodily custody:

50/50 joint actual physical custody is a common selection in today’s courtroom technique. They want to see that you and the other guardian have the functionality to make it do the job. Here are a number of factors desired to make either of these schedules operate:

-Mothers and fathers ought to be ready to get together and do the job alongside one another for the reward of their child

– Mother and father require to stay in close proximity to every single other and the kid’s school

-Both mothers and fathers will need to have a stable residence atmosphere.

Alternating Months:

The alternating weeks schedule is extremely easy and straightforward to implement. Your youngster spends 1 week with you and just one week at the home of the other parent.

The added benefits of this plan is that your youngster has a extended period of time at each and every household which generates additional of a sense of belonging. They can very easily adhere to their regime and not have it interrupted to “change properties”. Some young children also come across this schedule creates considerably less anxiousness and worry in their life.

The major downfall with this plan is producing positive your boy or girl is aged enough and emotionally equipped to commit a full week away from the other mother or father. To help that months non-custodial mum or dad and the child, some households will have a dinner one night time a 7 days to continue to be connected.


The 2-2-3 program is also quite easy and easy to observe. It is not as straightforward as the alternating weeks just simply because there are extra exchanges. Your boy or girl will invest two evenings with you, two evenings with the other parent, and the a few weekend nights back with you. The pursuing 7 days the plan is switched with the other mum or dad acquiring your kid the initially and previous of the week.

The gains of this routine is your kid spends time with each and every guardian every 7 days. The program is uncomplicated after it will get going. Also the weekends rotate in between moms and dads not like some other schedules.

The most important issue to consider about with this plan is will your youngster be ready to handle all their responsibilities even though shifting homes various moments a week? Think about school, pals, and additional-curricular things to do. It can be perplexing for both equally the moms and dads and the child to remain up on research, assignments, etc. unless of course they are all committed to communicating often.


It is also significant to understand the custody agenda is only a smaller part of your parenting system. I highly recommend you genuinely spend your time investigating how to create a parenting program and all the different applications accessible to enable you with these variations in your existence. Great luck!